Trenino per caricare le bici in Val di Sole
Pista ciclabile in Val di Sole
Pista ciclabile tra i prati fioriti della Val di Sole

Summer: Cycling Path

The Val di Sole cycling path is 35 km long and runs alongside the Noce River for almost its entire length, starting from Mostizzolo to Fucine and then onto the town of Cogolo in Val di Peio, following the tracks of ancient roads or rural countryside roads. The route is not difficult and it covers a total elevation difference of 565 meters.

There are various routes to choose from and you can also take the Dolomiti Express train and the Bici Bus service, which are especially equipped to transport bicycles, allowing you to easily complete certain itineraries or to return up the valley. Bicycles can be rented in one of the many rentals located throughout the valley.

Val di Sole’s bicycle/pedestrian pathway starts by the Mostizzolo bridge (Km 0,00), near the Trento-Malè train station. The bridge straddles a deep ravine where the Noce flows into the Santa Giustina Lake, a large basin closed by a very high dam.

The first part of the valley, in spite of its lower altitude, crosses through a landscape with typical mountain features taking you through a fir forest. As you continue onwards, the wood gives way to fruit orchards and open fields until you reach Malè, the main town of Val di Sole. Along this section of the cycling path, protected from vehicle traffic, you will reach the area called Ponte Stori (Km 2,6), an equipped picnic area. 

When you reach the town of Cavizzana (km 5,8), you will face a steep 380 m climb, but before you reach the centre of the town you will once again descend towards the Noce River as you cross through vast fruit orchards overlooked by the Caldes Castle and the Rocca di Samoclevo (stronghold) located on the other side of the valley. 

After biking for seven kilometres you will reach the area called “le Contre”, which has sports and recreational facilities. Continuing onwards on the right bank of the Noce River, you will quickly reach the point where the Torrente Rabbies (stream), which descends from Valle di Rabbi, flows into the Noce River approximately one kilometre downstream from the town of Malé. 

Staying alongside the stream, you will go past Malé, the main town of the valley, which is located on a flat plain further up. The cycling path does not take you through the town, but you should definitely visit this town to admire some of its characteristic buildings and homes and to also visit the Museo della Civiltà Solandra (Museum of the Val di Sole Civilization).

The cycling path continues across the wide, open meadows that lead to the town of Dimaro (Km 15,1) located at the beginning of Val Meledrio, where you will also find the road that goes to Madonna di Campiglio. Then, for quite a long section, you will bike alongside the Trento-Malé railroad.

The cycling path takes you through the town of Dimaro and then picks up again along the Noce River, first on the right and then on the left bank taking you to the hamlet of Mestriago. Continuing onwards, and past the hamlet called Piano, you will return alongside the river, passing in front of the town of Mezzana right by the canoeing slalom area and then onwards until you reach the Sports Centre. From here you will easily continue along the bike path to the town of Pellizzano (Km 25) where the new bicigrill (snack bar) is located.

Continuing onwards, along a flat section, you will get closer to the town of Ossana where even from far away, you can see the San Michele Castle. Then, go upwards along a short section near the Torrente Vermigliana (stream)  near the campsite and cross over the bridge that leads you to the town called Fucine (Km 28,2), crossroads between Valle di Sole and Valle di Peio. At this point you will have reached an elevation of 985 metres above sea level.

Past the town of Fucine, continue onwards in a north-westerly direction where the cycling path begins to enter into Val di Peio; at first along a semi-flat section to the area calledForno di Novale (Km 29,85) and then upwards to the town of Cogolo. The valley here is narrower and therefore you will have to cross over the Noce River three times, the second time along the road bridge that leads to the village of Comasine, along a brief but steep slope. Continuing upwards you will finally see the town of Cogolo, which you will reach after a brief but steep slope. Go up the bridge that takes you onto the main road, right to the entrance of the town (Km 34,11).


Enjoy the cycling path and the amazing MTB trails of the valley and, when you are tired, take advantage of the Dolomiti Express train, modified and equipped to carry 60 bikes, and then easily go back to your lodging.