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Ecomuseum: A bit of history

History of the Val Meledrio Ecomuseum in Dimaro

Since ancient times the communities of Dimaro and Carciato, together with other local communities in Val di Sole developed a flourishing and autonomous industry in the production of limestone and also in the production of other local products.

According to reliable sources, just in the town of Dimaro, during the 16th century, there were 28 functioning huge mallets, most of these were located right in Val Meledrio.

Therefore, we can truly consider this a trade of forestry resources, the production of charcoal, iron and limestone, a business developed by and intertwined with the local urban communities and the nearby regions.

Baking limestone to produce lime rapidly declined during the last half of the nineteenth century due to new pre-industrial ovens and the use of new building materials. 


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