Val Meledrio

Ecomuseum: G. Santa Brigida

Almost at the top of the Santa Brigida hill, which is located in Val Meledrio (1353 m asl), there once was a hospice next to a small church. The hospice provided shelter and food to pilgrims who passed through the Campo Carlo Magno Pass in order to reach Dimaro from Madonna di Campiglio or vice versa, if from Val di Sole they went to Val Rendena across the forests known as the “selva”.

For many years, the monks continued to help and feed the increasing number of travellers that knocked on their door. 

Towards the middle of the 17th century the hospice was abandoned and the community of monks was dissolved.

The ruins of both the hospice and the Santa Brigida chapel no longer existed mainly due to climatic conditions; however thanks to historic research and archaeological excavations on the site, ruins of what was once the presbytery, have been discovered.

Within what was once the exterior supporting wall of the church, several human skeletons were found, unfortunately no datable objects or personal items were found buried with them.


Gal Val di Sole

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