Val Meledrio

Ecomuseum: B.The Sawmill

Located on the edge of the town of Dimaro right on the main road to Madonna di Campiglio, the sawmill is an important historical and cultural part of the local area.

Certain documents confirm that its existence can be traced back to the first half of the 19th century. The sawmill remained fully functional until 1960.

Over time, the sawmill underwent numerous changes, to both the wooden structure and the various mechanisms within the sawmill made of wood and iron.

The community of Dimaro has now completely renovated the sawmill and it is once again fully functional.

It is now possible to see all the hand-crafted parts of the sawmill made of iron and wood and an informative exhibit within the sawmill gives visitors information on how the sawmill works. 

Guided tours of the sawmill are organized mainly during the summer period but the informative panels are always visible for visitors. 


Gal Val di Sole

Unione Europea

Iniziativa realizzata con il cofinanziamento del F.E.A.S.R.
(Fondo Europero Agricolo per lo Sviluppo Rurale)
e con Fondi Statali e Provinciali