Val Meledrio Tappo Trementina

Ecomuseum: C. The wood turpentine trail

Extracting turpentine from larch trees became important in Val di Sole due to the vast number of these trees in the area and over the centuries it became a vital part of the local economy.

The first documents that contain information concerning this trade date back to the Middle Ages.

This activity has continued throughout the centuries reaching is peak halfway through the 19th century.

The resin found in larch trees is an organic substance which in its unaltered state resembles a sticky, honey coloured mass.

Two products are obtained when resin is distilled: turpentine and rosin.

Since ancient times, the curative qualities of turpentine have been well-known. It has a soothing, antiseptic effect and it helps to heal wounds.

Today, both turpentine and rosin are used as components of many industrial products. 


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