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Ski & Snow: Ice Climbing

Unspoilt nature, breathtaking sites, natural surroundings, silence and total concentration are the main characteristics of this sport, one of the most thrilling sports in Val di Sole during the winter season. When the temperature is below zero, the waterfalls in Val di Sole become an amazing sight to see, but they also provide a challenging climb…

A one of a kind experience that gives you the chance to climb a natural work of art, that continues to change every year and every week.

For those who love this sport, each waterfall offers a unique challenge. The climb requires the use of technical ice axes and crampons.

Climbing does however require maximum concentration and participants must be in good physical conditions. Climbers should also know how to use the required equipment and they must also have previous climbing experience. 

We therefore recommend that you try ice climbing together with an expert that can guarantee safety conditions during your climb.

For further information: Rafting Center Val di Sole 
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