Nordic walking in gruppo
Nordic walking tra i prati in fiore
Prati in fiore

Summer: Nordic Walking

This sport was developed in Finland as an off-season training activity for cross-country skiers. Over the years, Nordic walking has become well-known all around the world because it’s a fun and easy way for everyone to get in shape.

This outdoor activity is different from regular walking because it involves applying force to the Nordic walking poles with each stride, just like the technique used for cross-country skiing.  
Studies have revealed that the use of poles, tones up muscles and gives the upper body (shoulders, chest and arms) a great workout, therefore in comparison to regular walking without any poles, it incorporates a large number of muscles and strengthens the respiratory system, it decreases “negative” hormones caused by stress and strengthens the immune system.

The advantages of this sport is that it is an outdoor sport, perfect both in winter and in summer and it is also perfect for all ages. It’s a great way to lose weight and it has beneficial effects for those who suffer from back pain.

In Dimaro, Folgarida and Monclassico there are easy trails and several routes for all difficulty levels and with the help of qualified instructors you can learn the right technique in order to enjoy all the benefits that this sport provides. 
During  the summer season, the “Consorzio Dimaro Folgarida Vacanze” organizes Nordic walking outings for guests together with a professional instructor.