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Leisure & Amenities: Pejo Thermal Spa

The new Pejo Thermal Spa Center, which has been completely renovated, has three different mineral springs that provide a complete range of health and spa treatments using the various beneficial properties.

The Alpine Spring is low in mineral content and it is used to eliminate stones in the urinary tract and certain uric acids. The Ancient Spring has an average mineral content; it is bicarbonate-rich, ferruginous with high carbon dioxide content; effective for treating gastric illnesses, joint inflammation and certain skin diseases.  The New Spring is a naturally sparkling mineral water, calcium-magnesium bicarbonate, lithium rich and ferruginous; the dissolved minerals stimulate venous circulation and the peripheral microcirculation system.

Numerous treatments are provided at the thermal centre including hydropinic therapy, carbon dioxide thermal baths, mud baths, phlebological therapy, inhalatory therapy, physical therapy and rehabilitation in water.   

And if you want to relax and pamper yourself then you can try the Spa that has a swimming pool, whirlpool, Finnish sauna, bio sauna, Kneipp therapy, an aromatic tub and of course you can always book a relaxing massage.

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